Frequently asked questions



What is the benefit of using a custom built racquet?


Defining a custom frame means you get all the parameters you need to play your best game, something that Tour players have always relied on.

Am I able to return the racquet if I change my mind?

In some cases, yes. Please see our full terms and conditions of sale.

What is the swing weight of the racquet?

Because of the vast choice of options available, an accurate swing weight measurement can only be made after building each racquet. Let us know what specification you are considering and we will be happy to estimate its swing weight for you.


Are the specs for strung or unstrung?

All the specs for custom racquets are for unstrung frames. Because of the wide choice and difference in strings, it's a more reliable way for us to define our specs. For Bastcore, we list all the specs strung.


What are the beam widths for the racquets?

Most Vantage racquets have a slight taper from head to handle. The 90" frame is 19mm - 22mm. The 95" frame is 20mm - 22mm, the 100" frame is 21mm -22mm and the 105" frame is 23mm - 23mm.

Will my choice of grip (PU or Leather) affect my chosen specs for weight and balance?

We take your grip choice into consideration when building your racquet so that your racquet is built to your desired specs regardless of grip type.



I don't know my grip shape

There isn't a right or a wrong choice here, it's purely preference. If you don't have a particular shape of grip that you prefer, we suggest you opt for the D shape, this is the most common octagon used in tennis handles. 1=H, 2=D, 3=W, 4=P


What is you shipping policy? How long will my product take to arrive?

Your Vantage racquet will typically take around 14 days to be built and shipped although this may take longer at our busy times of the year. If you require an update of its production status please contact us or check your account summary for updates.


What payment forms are accepted?

We accept most Credit and debit cards. Please see our online payment page for a full list.

Can I order by phone?

Yes you can, we will however require payment in full before releasing the goods. Please contact one of our team to discuss this option.


Does Vantage sell anything other than racquets?

Yes, we have a wide range of accessories available to keep your Vantage racquets looking their best. We also provide racquet luggage and related equipment. Please keep checking our accessories pages for updates.