We take great pride in using the highest quality materials for all Vantage products.


All of our luggage range is made from

600D Polyester and 420D Jacquard nylon. Double stitched and re-enforced for greater durability.


Its hard to convey on a website, but take a close up look at the picture below to see for yourself the quality finish of our Team thermo.





Its new... and unique to Vantage.


A laminated structure of various natural fibers (Hemp, Flax and Jute etc). Collectively known as BAST fibres.


Because these fibers are unstable on their own, our development team worked hard to create the bast structure into a core layer that can support and enhance several layers of high modulas fiber.


The result is quite obvious, just hit with one for 30 minutes and find yourself addicted to feel again.








Foam Core
HM Carbon fiber




All Vantage custom racquets are manufactured from 100% premium grade high modulus fiber. We use more layers of material than most of our competitors in each racquet to increase stability and durability.


The racquets are also filled with a medium density PU foam which helps to dampen vibration and provide players with the ultimate solid feel on every shot.